Natalie Haney is a young-ish wife, mother, and local church member. Her ministry is to inspire others to love the Bible and to enjoy reading it. Her mission is to live her “Christian life” and her “real life” as the same life.

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Quick links to recent devotional series:

Instructions on the Care of Your Soul,” which began July 13, 2019 dealing with “spiritual hygiene.”

Too Much Talking: Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Job,” which began January 10, 2019 grappling with the intersections between Christianity, friendship, and mental illness.

The Proverbs 31 Family,” which began April 3, 2018 exploring how men and women affect each other’s faith and need each other to live out an effective faith. This series is not your every day complementarianism.

[Starting August 2019 new devotional installments will be posted just once a month.]